Meet the Dolat Team

At DART, among the best long short funds India, we have a specialist team comprising of experts in their respective domains, ranging from various activities related to fund management, investments, research, operations, compliance, finance, products, marketing, and sales. As far as companies in India go, there is no beating DART Alternatives’ pedigree.

Purvag Shah

Managing Director

Purvag Shah is the Managing Director of Dolat Capital. He has an M.Sc. in International Securities and Investment and Banking from Reading University. He has been active in the financial industry for over ten years and his previous engagements include Bloomberg, UK, and IDFC Offshore Fund. As a representative of the promoter family, Purvag is actively involved in business strategy, risk management, and on the trading floor.

Sameer Divekar

Operation & Risk Head

Sameer Divekar is the Operation & Risk Head at Dolat AIF. He has over 18 years of professional experience in the Indian Asset Management Industry, across operations like Mutual Fund, PMS and AIF. Before joining Dolat, Sameer worked with Nippon Life India Asset Management Limited, HDFC Asset Management Company Ltd and SBI Funds Management Pvt. Ltd. He has a wide experience in Banking, Settlements, Fund Accounting, Cash flow Management, Real Estate & Equity PMS operations.