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Dolat Group is one of India’s leading derivatives and stock market participant. Through our 60+ years journey catering to the unique needs of our savvy clientele, we have focused on ensuring that the investment wheel functions smoothly, rather than on re-inventing it.

Dolat Capital Market Pvt. Ltd. is an imperative part of the Dolat group & considered as a pioneer in mid-cap research, derivatives, arbitrage, algo trading strategies and market making in the Indian financial ecosystem. Dolat Capital boasts of an early mover advantage in above areas which indicates sharp focus on innovation and market assessment.

In our initial Dolat AIF offering, we believe in one essential edict – Capital Protection Before Return. Our keen eye is turned towards ensuring your investments progress seamlessly, while watching out for possible hindrances along the path.


What Do We Bring to the Table

At DART Alternatives, our objective is to support you in achieving long-term and superior risk-adjusted returns and we facilitate this through sophisticated investment strategies and taking exposure to long positions, short positions, intra-day positions and arbitrage investments in various securities.

We empower our investors with automated modules which are developed in-house and boost our success ratio through fundamental research and derivatives strategies for the potent Indian equity market. In 2021, the company launched India’s First Category III Long Short AIF in an LLP Structure, indicating our strong sense of the market and keen eye on upcoming opportunities.

Through the investment journey, we aim to be your partners and advisors, as we design the optimal portfolio for your requirements.

Our Strategies


Tactical Strategy



Algo-Trading Strategy



Hedged Strategy

Hedged Strategies


Directional Moves Strategy

Directional Moves

News and Insights

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Exclusive Interview with Fund Managers of Dolat Capital

Here is our latest interview with Fund Managers - Mr. Abhishek Jaiswal and Mr. Aalap Shah from Dolat Capital, sharing their insights on – Factors driving the market, the position & potential of long-short funds in India, their investment approach in managing their existing & upcoming AIF Funds, and a lot more.

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Dolat Capital enters AIF space, announces launch of India’s First Hedge Fund under LLP Structure

Dolat Absolute Return LLP (“Fund”), is a SEBI registered Category III AIF is constituted as an LLP, general taxation principles...

Role of Long Short Strategies in Wealth Creation | Amit Khurana | Dolat Capital | PMS & AIF 6.0

Learn from Mr. Amit Khurana Head of Equities, Dolat Capital a pioneer in long-short strategies that can generate alpha in both rising and falling markets, and how one can preserve capital.


Dolat launches ₹250-cr Category-III hedge fund

Through tax efficient AIF, it targets HNIs with minimum ₹1 crore investment...


Dolat Capital forays into AIF space; launches hedge fund under LLP structure

The fund is set-up in the form a LLP and not a trust, with an endeavour to provide efficient and simple taxation structure currently available for investors...


Dolat Capital forays into AIF with hedge fund under LLP structure

MUMBAI: Dolat Capital Market Private Limited has forayed into alternative investment fund (AIF) with the launch of a hedge fund under limited liability partnership (LLP) structure...

Dolat Capital, Managing Director


Our mission is to create and nurture a world-class, performance-driven and socially responsible ecosystem aimed at consistently delighting our investors and other stakeholders

Managing Director,
Dolat Capital

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